Refurbished Laptops

What types of Laptops do we offer?

We offer all types of refurbished laptops ranging from standard windows laptops through to touch screen laptops.
We also offer refurbished mac laptops through to iMacs.

Laptops for General use

Whether you need a laptop for just general internet browsing or basic gaming we can offer a range to suit your need and budget.

Mac Laptops

We are always getting asked for Macbook Pro and Macbook Air laptops.

We can offer both of these models ranging lower end to higher end models.
We can also upgrade these models.

School based Laptops

We can offer budget friendly laptops for parents whose children require a laptop as part of their learning at primary or secondary school.
All models can be upgraded to meet the requirements of your school.
We have provided hundreds of laptops to different parents across different schools.