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Printers & Scanners

Our printer setup service allow you to print from mobile devices, print wirelessly, and much more Call us today to make an appointment.

With printers having become more and more capable over the last few years, they’ve also become more complicated

to setup and learn how to get the most out of. Many are now able to print directly from your smart phone or tablet.

If you need help setting up your printer or learning how to use it, give us a call and we’ll help.

If you don’t have a printer, we can supply one for you.


Printer setup

If your printer is WiFi capable, we’ll add it to your wireless network so that you can print to it from

your computer as well as any of the other devices that you own such as tablets and smart phones.


Printing from smartphones or tablets

If you’re having trouble printing from your smartphone or tablet give us a call.

We’ll make sure that your printer is compatible with your personal devices, make sure that it’s setup

to print properly from them and then show you how.


Troubleshooting printer issues

If you’re having problems printing. It could by any number of things causing the problem let us come

and do some troubleshooting and check what may causing the problem.

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